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    Let's Decorate Halloween Cookies Ebook

    • Ebook Let's Decorate Halloween Cookies

What's Included

Let's Decorate Halloween Cookies Ebook

  • 10 of Lisa's favorite designs from The Bearfoot Baker's blog

  • 3 royal icing transfer tutorials with printable templates

  • Cookie dough and royal icing recipe for the perfect cookie

  • Tools and Tips that will help in your decorating skills

About The Author

The Bearfoot Baker

Lisa Snyder

Lisa Snyder was born and raised in East Tennessee, where she spent her childhood baking in her grandmother’s kitchen. Her speciality is custom designed cookies. She uses her blog to share her best recipes, tips, and tricks. Lisa lives in the mountains of East Tennessee, where she spends most of her time dreaming up amazing ideas for baked treats and then creating them with delicious results.